Air Conditioners Cause California’s Electric Supply Emergency

Air Conditioners are Primary Cause of California’s Electrical Supply Emergency. During peak power use air conditioners in Los Angeles and California’s Central Valley use 40 percent of our state’s electricity.

In sharp contrast, in California’s coastal communities like our Monterey Peninsula, air conditioners are essentially unknown. Indeed it is hard to find a store selling air conditioners here.
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Fire Danger: Unknown-Safety of SmartMeters’ New Disconnect Switch

Unknown Safety of New On-Off Switch in Smart Meters:
CPUC Meter Safety Testing Confirmation Needed.
(c) Copyright 2011 Lance Houston

Smartmeter Fire - Installed Previous Day

There are numerous safety concerns with the new smart meters being installed by PG&E throughout parts of California. The new meters are novel in many ways compared to the old style analog meters that have safely and reliably metered electrical consumption for decades.

One of the novel features in the new meters is the incorporation of an internal disconnect switch that the power company purports safely disconnects/reconnects power to the dwelling it supplies by remote control. This disconnect feature is a new and significant change to the old style analog meters. The safety of the new disconnect feature is in question.
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What We Need in a State Smartmeter Law

A Smartmeter law needs at the minimum —

1. Halt to wireless communication (transmission) from home meters.

This solves wireless threats to health and interference with medical devices and other wireless devices.

Optical cable (vs wireless radio transmission) can solve the wireless problems, but retains the privacy threats by letting the utility (and anyone they “share” your information with) know all your family’s personal habits.

2. Halt utility access to private-use data.

This solves privacy threats.
No personal-use data should leave your property. This can be accomplished by a Smart-ER meter.

3. Halt to fire danger switch.

This solves the fire danger threat.

4. Halt to Smartmeter installations

until an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is completed under CEQA. The PUC and PG&E refused to prepare one. This hideous violation of law lead to outrage across the state of California. CEQA is intended to let the public know about the environmental impacts of a project BEFORE it is approved.

5. Allow customers to refuse Smartmeters with no cost penalty.

6. Allow customers to have the old meters reinstalled and Smartmeter removed with no cost penalty.

7. Mandate the development of Smart-ER meters that do not communicate with the Utility (e.g. PG&E) in any way thus eliminating the radio-frequency threats and the privacy violations.
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Success: PUC “Orders” PG&E To Prepare Plan to Stop Installing Smartmeters for Californians Who Reject Them

Cheers !

Cheers !

The San Jose Mercury news reports that the California PUC has ordered PG&E to provide a way to “Opt-out” of Smartmeters for those who don’t want them. Continue reading

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Pacific Grove vs Smartmeters

Last evening the Pacific Grove City Council directed staff to prepare a resolution to send to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) requesting the CPUC allow people who don’t want Smartmeters to refuse them.
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Smartmeter Poem: “The Devil” by Ellen Cecil

The Devil

Smart Meter Satire (c) Copyright 2011 Ellen Cecil
Adapted from an original Poem by Anonymous

Men don’t believe in a devil now as their fathers used to do.
Yet they’ve opened the door to Smart Meter Hell to let “His Majesty” through.

There isn’t a print of his cloven hoof or a poison-dipped dart from his bow
To be found in the grave or anywhere for the PUC’s voted it so.
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PG City Manager Offers Amazing One-sided Access to Highly Politicized Anti-Tree Group

Last evening, March 9, 2011 during public comment of the highly controversial city effort to eviscerate the city’s tree protection law, the Pacific Grove City Manager, Tom Frutchey, told members of the Anti-Tree Group that when he interviewed outside consultants for the CEQA review to remove tree protection – he would invite them to the interviews ! Frutchey said this in front of the City Council at a public meeting while being video taped !

This means that, while hiring someone for a highly controversial job, the City Manager offers seats at the hiring table to one-side of the controversy.

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PG&E Under Criminal Investigation for Killing 8 People in San Bruno?

PG&E admitted in their SEC filing this week:

“Reputational harm that PG&E Corporation and the Utility may suffer depending on the outcome of the various investigations; the outcome of civil litigation; and the extent to which civil or criminal proceedings may be pursued by regulatory or governmental agencies.”

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Smartmeter Radiowaves can Interfere with Medical Life Support Devices

Cell-Phones Disrupt Medical Devices

Cell-Phones Disrupt Medical Devices

Health harm and deaths have been caused by radio frequency devices:

Hundreds of incidents of RFI induced medical device failure have been reported, studied, and summarized.” (IEEE, “Radiofrequency Interference with Medical Devices”, 1998)

“Smart”meter Radiowaves can interfere with phones, WiFi and possibly heart pacemakers and other medical life support devices

Smartmeters broadcast using 900 mhz and 2.4 Ghz. These are identical to the frequencies used by cell-phones, cordless phones, alarm systems and wifi (internet connection) devices.

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Are Illegal Smartmeters causing Fires in California?

Smartmeter Fire - Installed Previous Day

Smartmeter Fire - Installed Previous Day
Click to see Video

California state law seems to require all electric devices hooked into the state electric power grid to have electrical certification.
Are Smartmeters Illegal?

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Smartmeters on PG Agenda this Wednesday March 9th

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Seaside Council Unanimously Adopts Emergency Smartmeter Ban Ordinance

Here is an excerpt from the brand new Emergency law :

“From and after the effective date of this ordinance, no PG&E SmartMeter may be installed in or on any home, apartment, condominium or business of any type within the City of Seaside, and no equipment related to PG&E SmartMeters my be installed in, on, under, or above any public street or public right of way within the City of Seaside.”

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Monterey Council Unanimously Demands PG&E Stop Smartmeter Installations

A Resolution “Demanding” PG&E stop installing “Smart”meters was unanimously adopted by the City Council of Monterey tonight March 1, 2011.
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Water Wars: Ron Weitzman’s “Water Plus” has Joined the Dark Side

Monterey County Developers are Dancing in the Streets now that

Darth Weitzman

Darth Weitzman

Ron Weitzman’s group “Water Plus” is taking big steps to destroy our Water District.

Our Water District, with all of its faults, is the only legal barrier standing between our Peninsula and developer’s hot dreams of turning our community into San-Jose-by-the Sea. Ours is the only water agency in California that is required to protect our environment; and California’s only Water District that allows voters to reject goofy pro-growth projects. (Which we have done like clockwork. Now can you see why developers want to get rid of it.)
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“Smart”meter Complaints

Since PG&E and the Public Utilities Commission don’t care about harm to you from “smart”meters – HOPE invites you to submit your complaint here in the “Reply” section below. HOPE will compile them and submit them together.

Please describe whether your complaint is about:

Fire or electric shock,
Excessive power bill,
Interference with medical equipment
Interference with Health,
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Draft: Emergency Smartmeter Moratorium Law for Pacific Grove

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Herald mis-reports “approval” of new Pebble Beach Co. Forest Destruction project.

This is a note sent on January 31, 2011, to the Herald reporter who misreported an “approval” of the new Pebble Beach Company Forest Destruction project. He failed to respond or issue a correction within two weeks. If he ever does, we’ll provide it for you here.
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What’s Wrong with “Smart”meters?

What’s all the fuss about PG&E’s “Smart”meters for our electricity and gas?

San Bruno Fireball (AP)

San Bruno Fireball (AP)

Aren’t they supposed to show us our power usage “live” so we can cut back on excessive power use and save money? That was the idea – before PG&E hijacked it. Now they have turned it all upside down, backwards and awful. PG&E’s actions are called “Bait and Switch.”

PG&E (the Corporation who brought you the 2010 San Bruno neighborhood fireball explosion killing 14 people (including 6 people still missing) and destroying 37 homes) “forgot” to tell us that these “Smart”meters —

1. Create a Fire Danger Threat: Introduce a new Fire-Danger to your home by adding a high power electric On-Off switch which could cause arcing, and is accused of starting fires and giving electric shocks to customers,

2. Make Cyber-warfare against the U.S. Easy ! — Hackers could shut off power your home, your city and all of California, New York or Washington DC.

3. Interfere with your medical equipment (like heart pacemakers and infant apnea-monitors),

4. are Intended to cost us more in power bills,

5. Violate your privacy – by broadcasting your personal power usage which is not encrypted (coded) – making our personal power usage public knowledge for burglars (and worse, could let an amateur hacker black-out an entire town),

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Cal-Am Water Corp trying to pull another Fast one

Is Our Peninsula’s for-profit water corporation, California-American Water Corp. (or Cal-Am), Improperly Trying to Connect another Subdivision?

You are invited to the Hearing this Monday the 7th in the Monterey City Hall Conference Chambers. 10 AM

Hwy 68 Coalition (the good guys) v. Cal-Am (the bad actors) doing business as Ambler water system. The formal complaint involves Cal-Am wanting to connect a water main across San Benancio Road, and wanting to tie The Oaks Subdivision well in with the proposed Encina Hills Subdivison well with the Ambler Water system – even though they are prohibited from doing this.
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San Francisco May Reduce Yellow Pages Forest Destruction

Do you get new Yellow Pages every year?

Yellow pages

Yellow pages

Besides being so out of date by the time they arrive did you ever wonder how much forest is destroyed to make them ? Lots, LOTS of beautiful breathtaking forests are destroyed to make phone books. And too much of it is from pristine, healthy irreplaceable forest ecosystems.

And its all unnecessary. Every phone book can be made perfectly well, actually even better, from 100% recycled paper.
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Pacific Grove Officials Willfully Blind to Obvious Environmental Impacts

Pacific Grove, like many other California cities, has a long track record of systematically avoiding compliance with a well-accepted environmental process law called CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act).

In spite of Pacific Grove losing some 40 percent of its forest canopy since 1986, our officil water supply emergency since 1998 and enduring daily rush hour gridlock on the two public streets leading into and out of town, the City continues to approve development yet has not prepared a legally required EIR (Environmental Impact Analysis) for any project (let alone any forest loss) in more than a decade.

This is a note to two Pacific Grove officials after a meeting wasted trying to get them to understand why they are required by law to recognize and analyze the irreversible harm to our native Monterey Pine Forest.


Jim Becklenberg, Deputy City Manager
David Laredo, City Attorney
City of Pacific Grove

January 18, 2011

Hello Jim and David,

I came to last Tuesday’s meeting to help you save our City credibility, money (in attorney’s fees), and most importantly our treasured trees and rapidly dwindling forest – all of which our City has none to spare.

I had wrongly assumed you both intended to meet with
HOPE in good faith to help our town.

I found nothing but dismissive resistance. It was as though you were talking to me from a Bunker made of a tortured interpretation of the law and facts.

David (Laredo), it was outrageous to hear your thoughtless dismissal of the city’s permitting of logging hundreds of trees every year as having no CEQA environmental impacts – either cumulatively or because of piece-mealing of dozens of projects.

So – Logging Hundreds of imperiled native Monterey pine trees every year has no environmental impacts !?!

See– “Is Native Monterey Pine Forest Imperiled and Protected ?” (Answers: Yes, it is scientifically imperiled, and no, it is not yet legally protected, but CEQA requires you to analyze harm to it or its ecosystem.)
and Forest Protection Laws (California and Federal)
and California’s Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

This was just as wrong and thoughtless as your bewildering insistence that for traffic impacts “Level of Service ‘F’ is Not the same as Gridlock.”

To see how Cal-Trans contradicts your flat out wrong opinion see —

Cal-Trans Definitions and Acronyms (…”F” representing gridlock.”)

or Transportation-Related and Other Acronyms in Common Usage – on Cal-Trans website (“F=gridlock”)

The alarming problem with city staff getting poor, misleading, or plain flat out wrong legal advice

is that —

1) city officials rarely get a second opinion until after a suit has been filed, and

2) it forces the public to fight the city to protect public interests that the city itself should be protecting.

Many notice how a “Contract City Attorney” makes even more money when they are wrong. (The incentive is backwards – it rewards litigation.)

Here it costs the city exactly what we hoped to save –
the City’s credibility, money (in attorney’s fees), and most importantly our treasured and rapidly dwindling forest.

Jim (Becklenberg), I was further stunned to have you admit that you have no intent of protecting the replacement tree (for the one destroyed by the city on Pico Avenue) from being run over or turned into a parking lot.

Worse, that you have no intent of even replacing
the City tree on Pico Ave that you want to destroy.

You Can’t Force-Feed a Forest

You somehow imagine it is acceptable to plant a
replacement tree somewhere else – even though it
will reduce what little remaining native Monterey pine
forest habitat our city has left – and allow the current
habitat that is enjoyed by a woodpecker family – to be
used as parking.

If that was your intent all along – why didn’t you inform
the Natural Resources Committee when we Appealed it?

You both should reflect on why the PG Planning Department is now for the first time in decades genuinely trying to comply with CEQA – yet you two insist that the Public Works Department avoid CEQA by using any tortured rationale and fiction possible.

I am concerned that this long time Pacific Grove City culture of avoiding, rejecting and denying CEQA for our forest loss may come to a far less graceful end — than the two of you could have helped achieve with a more thoughtful attitude.

I look forward to you regaining my trust and respect.

-David Dilworth, for the Board of Trustees,
Helping Our Peninsula’s Environment

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New Pebble Beach Forest Destruction Project Already Going Wrong

The new Pebble Beach Project is already going in a bad direction.

Pebble Beach Forest

Pebble Beach Forest

1. The County is preparing to hire the same company (Jones and Stokes) that wrote the horrible, politically biased and legally faulty environmental harm analysis (the EIR) for the earlier Pebble Beach Company project.
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New Pebble Beach Forest Destruction Project Still Has Serious Problems

Helping Our Peninsula’s Environment is the organization that lead the

Jeffers Forest

Jeffers Forest

successful 15 year effort to protect the native Monterey pine forest from Pebble Beach Company’s (PBC) chainsaws. The effort succeeded when the Coastal Commission rejected Supervisor Dave Potter’s motion to approve the project (8-4).
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Pebble Beach Monterey Pine Forests Saved from Clint Eastwood’s Chainsaw Massacre

* Monterey Pine Forests Win !!!

* California’s Coastal Commission votes 8-4 to reject Pebble Beach Co.’s Rezoning effort.

* Fifteen year long Forest vs. Golf Course battle seemingly over. 

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Landwatch Vs Our Environment, Quality of Life and Democracy

[The Landwatch Community General Plan] does allow a significant amount of growth.”

– Landwatch Executive Director Gary Patton at the televised Green Party debate between HOPE and Landwatch, March 9, 2005

Cheaper to Change Perception than To Change Reality

LandWatch=Greenwash — Cheaper to Change Perception than To Change Reality

You might reasonably wonder why does Landwatch want huge (25%) Growth in next 15 years involving 40,000 new houses and some 125,000 new people.

But you wouldn’t learn about that by reading Monterey Peninsula newspapers. You’d have to read the Salinas Californian or watch the Green Party TV.

1. On November 22, 2004 Landwatch wrote a Salinas Californian Commentary endorsing a 25 percent population increase and 40,000 more housing units for Monterey County in the next 15 years. The Landwatch commentary also disavowed no-growth and slow-growth.

The commentary was signed by Landwatch’s President Rod McMahan. (But likely drafted by LW Executive Director Gary Patton who disappeared (was fired?) right after this controversy.)

2. Alarmed, HOPE published an article on January 21, 2005 shining a light on this. HOPE also reminded readers how we are out of water, our Carmel River is dying, our roads and highways are gridlocked and how every bit of additional growth further stresses our natural environment and could lead to the extinction of the some 68 local animals, flowers and trees officially on Endangered Species lists. The article was signed by all HOPE’s Trustees and its Executive Director.

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