Monterey Council Unanimously Demands PG&E Stop Smartmeter Installations

A Resolution “Demanding” PG&E stop installing “Smart”meters was unanimously adopted by the City Council of Monterey tonight March 1, 2011.

The Resolution begins —

“A Resolution of The Council of The City of Monterey Demanding PG&E Halt the Installation and Activation of Smartmeters and Related Equipment Within The City of Monterey”

Click here for the text of the Resolution

The Council adopted this after about an hour of public comment, with only PG&E’s public relations staff and one Monterey resident opposed to adopting an Emergency Ordinance. The resident reasonably argued that if Smartmeters were banned, his solar generator system could not generate the revenue from putting electricity back into the electric grid.

However, an ordinance banning Smartmeters can easily allow those who want a Smartmeter to have one – by simply adding an “Opt-In” exception.

Citizens concerns included: increased costs, radio frequency harm to human tissue, lack of meter certification, loss of private personal utility information, hackability, kill-switch, harm to low-income residents.

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