Herald mis-reports “approval” of new Pebble Beach Co. Forest Destruction project.

This is a note sent on January 31, 2011, to the Herald reporter who misreported an “approval” of the new Pebble Beach Company Forest Destruction project. He failed to respond or issue a correction within two weeks. If he ever does, we’ll provide it for you here.


J. Johnson
Monterey Herald Reporter

Hello Mr. Johnson,

I read your recent article about the newest Pebble Beach Company development with interest.

However the article left your readers with the false impression that the Land Use Advisory Comm (LUAC) “approval” was legal, valid and probably occurred after hearing public sentiment.

I don’t believe you attended and the article did not convey the idea that the so-called “approval” was an illegal action under the Brown Act.

HOPE did attend, just as we have attended all of the other 120 some agendized meetings on this project since 1992. HOPE would have objected to the project at this meeting, but, as you will read, no approval of the project was agendized.

HOPE did report on the meeting — “Pebble Beach Project Already Going Wrong” on our new Web-log (blog)

The LUAC member who made the motion even “admitted” that he is next-door neighbors to a PBC official in attendance, and whom he liked. He should have disqualified himself.

Perhaps in the future, when you don’t attend a meeting, you might ask for an informed opinion of someone who did attend and who has no financial or personal interest in the project’s approval.

(HOPE would have told you that the “approval” was illegal and grossly premature – since the project still doesn’t have a complete application.)

-David Dilworth, 624-6500
HOPE Web pages for Pebble Beach Forest Destruction projects



1. Herald Article (Jan 16, 2011) — http://www.montereyherald.com/local/ci_17112462?nclick_check=1

2. HOPE report on the same LUAC meeting — “Pebble Beach Project Already Going Wrong”.

3. HOPE Web page on Pebble_Beach_Company’s Forest destruction projects http://1hope.org/pbc.htm

4. Project at the County — http://www.co.monterey.ca.us/planning/major/Pebble%20Beach%20Company/Pebble_Beach_Company.htm

5. Land Use Advisory Committee Agendas — (These are poorly posted and erratically archived, if at all.) http://www.co.monterey.ca.us/planning/cca/luac/luac_agenda.htm

6. The Herald’s City Editor Livernois (Gatekeeper on local articles) Admits Bias against Public Interests

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