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Supervisor Potter Promotes Secret Water Deal for Monterey Downs – County Hiding Records

Media Release:  Monday, March 28, 2016 Subject: Supervisor Potter Promotes Secret Water Deal for Monterey Downs – County Hiding Records This morning Helping Our Peninsula’s Environment (HOPE) was forced to file court action to get the County of Monterey to … Continue reading

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Astronaut Ed Mitchell, Paul Hawken, John Robbins, Vandana Shiva and Deepak Chopra Denounce Foster Gamble’s film “Thrive”

Radical Libertarian disguised in Environmental Clothing The Santa Cruz Weekly published an expose of Foster Gamble’s “radical libertarian” film “Thrive” which was released last fall. The film includes conversations with Hawken, Robbins, Chopra, Shiva, Mitchell as prominent thinkers. What this … Continue reading

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Water Solution on TV: Right-Sized Desal, HOPE interviews Attorney Alexander Henson – former Water Board Chair

HOPE’s interview about the Right-Sized Water Solution with former Water Board Chair, Attorney Alexander Henson will broadcast on AMP (Channel 24) three times in the next week.

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Did Carmel Pine Cone’s Paul Miller have a Stroke?

The Carmel Pine Cone is the last paper I expected to break the media silence and publish information about the “Right-Sized” Desal Solution by our Water Management District.

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Regional Desal Implode Begins: Yes, We Warned You

In the mad rush to approve the silly and violently expensive “Regional Desalination” plant in Marina – HOPE warned of the Boondoggle in Waiting. We warned the public through articles, public presentations at City Council meetings and even a special … Continue reading

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Wanted: Electric Vehicle for HOPE

It is time for HOPE to convert over to a gasoline free vehicle. Do you have an electric vehicle you want to donate and get an IRS approved tax-credit ? Please call and let us know. 831-624-6500 Thank you.

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Finally-The First Official Recognition that Cell-Phones Could Cause Malignant Brain Cancer

Landmark News ! This morning a panel of the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), changed their position declaring now that Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields (of cell-phones and by association WiFi, cordless phones and Smartmeters) … Continue reading

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Monterey Peninsula Faces Water Poisoning Threat From Anti-Science Fluoridation Activists

(c) Copyright 2001-2011 David Dilworth (Update August 12, 2011) According to Cal-Am’s Chemistry lab, as of August 2011 they do not yet add any Fluoride to Monterey Peninsula water. However, naturally occurring fluoride is in our water at about 0.3 … Continue reading

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Why Smartmeters Need an Environmental Impact Report

The public has raised very serious concerns about PG&E Smartmeters’ fire danger, interference with medical life support equipment, non-thermal radio frequency harm to humans and wildlife, and broadcast of private personal energy use. California state law (California’s Environmental Quality Act … Continue reading

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How to Stop a Project Made Easy: CEQA for Citizens

Ordinary people (who are not lawyers or planners) are rarely aware of how the law requires them to object to a project. If you fail to do it correctly, you lose your right to sue to stop the project. HOPE … Continue reading

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Why Has the Monterey Herald Censored a Major Local Water News Story for 9 Years?

The Herald has a long tradition of censoring important opinion: a long list of letters to the editor, commentaries and Op-Eds. That’s bad enough. But I didn’t think it could get worse. Well, I’ve been reading the Herald for several … Continue reading

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Fire Danger: Unknown-Safety of SmartMeters’ New Disconnect Switch

Unknown Safety of New On-Off Switch in Smart Meters: CPUC Meter Safety Testing Confirmation Needed. (c) Copyright 2011 Lance HoustonIntroduction There are numerous safety concerns with the new smart meters being installed by PG&E throughout parts of California. The new … Continue reading

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“Smart”meter Complaints

Since PG&E and the Public Utilities Commission don’t care about harm to you from “smart”meters – HOPE invites you to submit your complaint here in the “Reply” section below. HOPE will compile them and submit them together. Please describe whether … Continue reading

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Herald mis-reports “approval” of new Pebble Beach Co. Forest Destruction project.

This is a note sent on January 31, 2011, to the Herald reporter who misreported an “approval” of the new Pebble Beach Company Forest Destruction project. He failed to respond or issue a correction within two weeks. If he ever … Continue reading

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New Pebble Beach Forest Destruction Project Still Has Serious Problems

Helping Our Peninsula’s Environment is the organization that lead the successful 15 year effort to protect the native Monterey pine forest from Pebble Beach Company’s (PBC) chainsaws. The effort succeeded when the Coastal Commission rejected Supervisor Dave Potter’s motion to … Continue reading

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Pebble Beach Monterey Pine Forests Saved from Clint Eastwood’s Chainsaw Massacre

* Monterey Pine Forests Win !!! * California’s Coastal Commission votes 8-4 to reject Pebble Beach Co.’s Rezoning effort. * Fifteen year long Forest vs. Golf Course battle seemingly over. 

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Landwatch Vs Our Environment, Quality of Life and Democracy

“[The Landwatch Community General Plan] does allow a significant amount of growth.” – Landwatch Executive Director Gary Patton at the televised Green Party debate between HOPE and Landwatch, March 9, 2005 You might reasonably wonder why does Landwatch want huge … Continue reading

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