“Smart”meter Complaints

Since PG&E and the Public Utilities Commission don’t care about harm to you from “smart”meters – HOPE invites you to submit your complaint here in the “Reply” section below. HOPE will compile them and submit them together.

Please describe whether your complaint is about:

Fire or electric shock,
Excessive power bill,
Interference with medical equipment
Interference with Health,

Interference with phone calls or WiFi,
Hacked or stolen utility information,
Power Improperly Shut Off,
Illegality of the meters.

You may request that your complaint be anonymous from PG&E and the PUC (though we will need your real name and a way to contact you to assure the complaint is from a real person.)


Helping Our Peninsula’s Environment (HOPE) provides this high quality service free of charge to you and the public even though it costs our organization considerable time and money to produce it. We would like to continue to provide this service for free.

You can help right now by making a tax-deductible contribution. Please send your tax-deductible contribution (anything you can afford, whether $ one dollar or $10,000) to: HOPE, P.O. Box 1495, Carmel, Ca 93921.

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1 Response to “Smart”meter Complaints

  1. Rebecca Lee says:

    As a very electrosensitive person, it disturbs me greatly that a Smart Meter would be installed 4 feet from my head when I sleep at night. PG&E insists on installation and has given me 30 days (now down to 11) to make an appt. for installation as I had wired my meter so they could not get to it. What if I don’t….will my power be shut off?

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