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Pacific Grove Tree Protection Getting Chainsawed – by Bill Kampe and Ken Cuneo

Once upon a time Pacific Grove had a majestic forest canopy that flowed from Monterey Bay to Shining Sea. Squirrels could jump branch to branch from Lover’s Point to Asilomar – and never touch the ground. The forest almost completely … Continue reading

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How to Stop a Project Made Easy: CEQA for Citizens

Ordinary people (who are not lawyers or planners) are rarely aware of how the law requires them to object to a project. If you fail to do it correctly, you lose your right to sue to stop the project. HOPE … Continue reading

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SmartER-meters Solve All the “Smart-meter” Problems

If the continually negligent Public Utilities Commission (they are jointly responsible with PG&E for the San Bruno fireball that killed 14 people: 8 known dead and 6 still missing in March 2012) had prepared an Environmental Impact Report for Smartmeters … Continue reading

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Draft: Emergency Smartmeter Moratorium Law for Pacific Grove

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