Cal-Am Water Corp trying to pull another Fast one

Is Our Peninsula’s for-profit water corporation, California-American Water Corp. (or Cal-Am), Improperly Trying to Connect another Subdivision?

You are invited to the Hearing this Monday the 7th in the Monterey City Hall Conference Chambers. 10 AM

Hwy 68 Coalition (the good guys) v. Cal-Am (the bad actors) doing business as Ambler water system. The formal complaint involves Cal-Am wanting to connect a water main across San Benancio Road, and wanting to tie The Oaks Subdivision well in with the proposed Encina Hills Subdivison well with the Ambler Water system – even though they are prohibited from doing this.

Administrative Law Judge Maribeth Bushey will take any new evidence and then deliberate and return a decision.
Attorneys for Cal-Am are asking to have the whole thing dismissed.

For more information :
Mike Weaver
831 484-6659

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  1. David huntley says:

    I’ve gotten nowhere with Cal Am . Is there a state or county angency that will force them to evaluate and resolve a dispute?

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