Water Wars: Ron Weitzman’s “Water Plus” has Joined the Dark Side

Monterey County Developers are Dancing in the Streets now that

Darth Weitzman

Darth Weitzman

Ron Weitzman’s group “Water Plus” is taking big steps to destroy our Water District.

Our Water District, with all of its faults, is the only legal barrier standing between our Peninsula and developer’s hot dreams of turning our community into San-Jose-by-the Sea. Ours is the only water agency in California that is required to protect our environment; and California’s only Water District that allows voters to reject goofy pro-growth projects. (Which we have done like clockwork. Now can you see why developers want to get rid of it.)

This is not the first time Developers have tried to destroy our Water District. Cal-Am tried twice to get a bill passed in Sacramento to terminate it. One time we won by a single vote. Developers also got the City of Monterey to force an advisory vote onto the ballot to ask if we should keep the district.

Water Plus claims that their only goal is to buy Cal-Am water company to save us from giant water bills in the future. Buying Cal-Am IS a great idea. Cal-Am is a hideously greedy corporation that will grab as much of your money as they can get away with. If our local water system was publicly owned, we would be rid of those hated tyrants. That’s a campaign I would love to help.

The problem with Weitzman’s story is that their first step is to destroy our Water District, and then, well . . . maybe, somehow, someday . . . they’ll get around to buying Cal-Am.

If “Water-Plus” really wanted what they claim they would simply put “Buy Cal-Am” on the Water District’s Ballot so the public can vote on it.

But they won’t even talk about that.

I’ve held this story for two weeks waiting for Ron to return my calls. This can wait no longer because “Water-Plus” has already sent in paperwork to prepare to destroy our Water District.

Something smells very fishey . . .

More later.
-David Dilworth


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1 Response to Water Wars: Ron Weitzman’s “Water Plus” has Joined the Dark Side

  1. Vienna Merritt Moore says:

    Thanks David,
    for all the good work you do.

    We really need the Peninsula Water District. Most people have not got a clue about how important the District is and that they actually do help protect our environment. I wish the District would be more outspoken about that part of their Mission. How about them putting together some educational campaigns aimed at letting the public know how valuable they are towards helping us keep the quality of life that we have right now?

    Just a thought.

    Thanks Again!

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