PG&E Breaks Promise and Installs Smartmeter: Assemblyman Monning Gets it Removed

(c) Copyright 2011 Vince Tuminello

Back in April I called PG&E to be put on the “Smart Meter Opt-Out Delay list” pending the PUC decision, due this year.

Five weeks later PG&E installed a smart meter on my home anyway. When I called about this, PG&E claimed that there was never a guarantee.
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HOPE Requests Supervisors Rescind/Void All Regional Desal Contracts and Approvals

HOPE sent this letter to Monterey County Thursday June 30, 2011 —

County Counsel
Monterey County Supervisors
Monterey County Water Resources Agency

Please Rescind/Void All Regional
Water Project Contracts

Hello Supervisors, Water Resources Agency Board and County Counsel,

Considering the improper conflicts of interest and the acts of Steve Collins and others purportedly acting on behalf of our Water Resources Agency while being paid by RMC we are respectfully requesting that you rescind or void all contracts and approvals related to the “Regional Desalination Project.”
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The Herald (Royal Calkins) Censored this Witty Letter

Monterey Herald
May 22, 2011

Dear Editor:

In your Sunday, May 22 Rants & Raves, the Herald’s editorial staff argues that Mark Dierolf and his “tax-hating” pals at Citywatch will “say almost anything to beat a tax measure.” Well, does this line of reasoning include the editors of the Herald ­who are usually on the other side of the aisle?
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Did Carmel Pine Cone’s Paul Miller have a Stroke?

The Carmel Pine Cone is the last paper I expected to break the media silence and publish information about the “Right-Sized” Desal Solution by our Water Management District.
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Ed Mitchell’s First Class Research

I’m amazed at the thorough research conducted by Ed Mitchell regarding the meetings MCWRA Director Steve Collins participated in while getting paid to do so as a paid employee of a private corporation. Ed’s commentary is at

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Commentary: Collins Investigation Should Catch Other Officials

(c) Copyright 2011 Ed Mitchell

I believe I was the first to file a Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) sworn complaint against Steve Collins with my May 5, 2011 delivery to the FPPC office in Sacramento, 5 weeks before the County hired an independent investigator.
MCWRA Gen Mgr Curtis Weeks

MCWRA Gen Mgr Curtis Weeks (photo at Monterey County Weekly)

The breadth and quality of the evidence package I supplied caused the FPPC to decide after 2 weeks review, to open an investigation. I may have also been the first to file a sworn complaint to the District Attorney’s office with my May 12th submittal. And this last Tuesday I notified the Board of Supervisors that public records show other county officials may have violated the Political Reform Act of 1974.

(The 1974 act prohibits a public official from participating in a decision in which he has a financial interest. Government Code 1090 prohibits a public officer from being financially interested in a contract made in both his private and public capacities.)

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Water Wars (Regional Desal Corruption): Report on Bad Acts by Steve Collins, Jim Heitzman, Curtis Weeks, RMC and Cal-AM

The report to the County Supervisors about Monterey County Water Resources Agency Director Steve Collins’ Conflicts of Financial Interests was released yesterday.

Steve Collins (at Herald website)

Steve Collins (at Herald website)

It states

“. . . the facts we have discovered to date are extremely troubling.”

Some of those troubling facts include –

“…we have uncovered evidence that Collins participated in governmental decisions as a director of MCWRA while he simultaneously was being paid for his time by RMC.
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Regional Desal Implode Begins: Yes, We Warned You

In the mad rush to approve the silly and violently expensive “Regional Desalination” plant in Marina – HOPE warned of the Boondoggle in Waiting. We warned the public through articles, public presentations at City Council meetings and even a special Television presentation. (We also showed off a genuine solution.) Our work was ignored by those in power – until now.

Now . . . you get to read front pages news of —

1. The Marina Coast Water District again unmasked as the Keystone Cops (some prefer “Three Stooges”) trying to hide vital financial information not just from the public – but from one of their own elected Directors.

The only responsible Board member is Jan Shriner who thankfully chose to serve in spite of the outrageous antics of other Marina Coast Board members.

But that’s small potatoes . . .
What few remember is that the clumsy Marina Coast Water District tried to do a desal project before; in 1999. It was a tiny one a mere fraction of the size of the Regional project (50 times larger) they are supposed to manage — and it failed ! Their tiny Desal Failed. That project is now gathering dust and weeds.
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Wanted: Electric Vehicle for HOPE

It is time for HOPE to convert over to a gasoline free vehicle.

Do you have an electric vehicle you want to donate and get an IRS approved tax-credit ?

Please call and let us know. 831-624-6500

Thank you.
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Finally-The First Official Recognition that Cell-Phones Could Cause Malignant Brain Cancer

Landmark News !

This morning a panel of the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), changed their position declaring now that Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields (of cell-phones and by association WiFi, cordless phones and Smartmeters) can possibly cause a malignant type of Brain Cancer. The formal classification is “2B.”

The New York Times reports –

“Louis Slesin, editor of Microwave News, a newsletter that focuses on nonionizing radiation, said in an e-mail that the fact that the W.H.O.’s cancer panel had expressed concern had the potential to change the debate about the health risks of cellphones. “It’s a wake-up call for the telecom industry and for the U.S. government to take cellphone radiation seriously,” he said. “The first step should be limiting the use of cellphones by children.”

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Monterey Peninsula Faces Water Poisoning Threat From Anti-Science Fluoridation Activists

(c) Copyright 2001-2011 David Dilworth

(Update August 12, 2011) According to Cal-Am’s Chemistry lab, as of August 2011 they do not yet add any Fluoride to Monterey Peninsula water. However, naturally occurring fluoride is in our water at about 0.3 (ppm?) and Cal-Am does not remove that. However, when Funding becomes available (we’re #27 and 17 was just funded) they will start adding it !

(Originally written in 2001, updated in 2003) Monterey County’s so-called “Health Department” is now taking steps to put a poison, fluoride, in our Peninsula’s drinking water supply as directed by a recent and extremely controversial state law that was passed with little debate.

HOPE wants you to be aware of the best science on Water Fluoridation and have included two articles.

They illustrate six vital health issues —

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How to Stop Smartmeter Installation at your home (877) 743-7378

PG$E has a phone number (877) 743-7378 that will stop installation of a Smartmeter at your home for about 18 months – until the PUC or the Legislature acts.

Tell them you do not want a Smartmeter installed period.
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New Pebble Beach Project Begins

The new Pebble Beach Company project will be unveiled at a public meeting on April 28, 2011 at the Pebble Beach Community Services District office. (Yes, the gate guards will let you in free to attend the meeting. But if they don’t, hand the bill to PBC officials who will be attending.)

You can learn what PBC has in mind and you can raise your concerns about it.

Here’s some to start with:

Water, Forest Loss, harm to Endangered Species and their habitats, Traffic Gridlock increase, and Aesthetic harm.
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Why Smartmeters Need an Environmental Impact Report

PG&E's Deadly San Bruno Pipeline FireBall

PG&E's Deadly San Bruno Pipeline FireBall

The public has raised very serious concerns about PG&E Smartmeters’ fire danger, interference with medical life support equipment, non-thermal radio frequency harm to humans and wildlife, and broadcast of private personal energy use.

RF Medical Device Interference

RF Medical Device Interference

California state law (California’s Environmental Quality Act or CEQA) requires an “objective” Environmental Impact Report (called an EIR) be provided to the public and public officials BEFORE Smartmeters were approved – so the public and decision makers understand the environmental impacts in advance of a decision. What kinds of damage and how much.

The EIR would also objectively identify Alternatives such as the SmartER-meter and an Opt-In System, and mitigations such as Opt-Out.

However, no Environmental Impact Report was ever made.
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Its “Our” Environment – Not “The” Environment

Copyright 2011 David Dilworth

You can tell a lot about someone by the words they select to use.
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How Can I Find Genuine Pesticide-Free Food?

Pesticide Free Sign

Pesticide Free Sign

(c) Copyright 2001-2013 David Dilworth
Pesticides are explicitly intended, designed, manufactured, and applied as deadly killing poisons. Pesticides have been intentionally applied abundantly to most food we consume in the United States since the late 1940s when man-made chemical pesticides were introduced. Unfortunately, deadly pesticides are invisible to consumers. This makes distinguishing dangerous from safe produce and fruit so expensive and time consuming that it is rarely done except by government agencies and public interest groups.

The public was widely alerted to the danger of toxic food by Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring. As of 2013 a large and constantly growing number of people take measures to avoid food with any pesticides.

However, the agricultural chemical manufacturers do not just sit back and accept pesticide free food as a valid consumer choice. They quietly and constantly spend millions upon millions of dollars to undermine and deface the government authorized term “organic.” And they have succeeded.

Three things Wrong with “Organic” Labeling

1. Today many people who believed they were buying pesticide-free and man-made chemical-free food because it was labeled “organic,” are shocked to learn that “the label ‘Organic’ does not mean “Pesticide Free.”

Any food may be legally sold as “organic” (under the California Organic Foods Act of 1990) even if it contains as many as 15 prohibited pesticides, each of which can contaminate the food at up to 5 percent of the amount allowed by the Federal EPA (FIFRA) pesticide tolerance level for non-organic foods. (California Health and Safety Code Section 110825.)

2. It might be even more surprising to learn how some of our food contains illegal pesticides – highly deadly pesticides banned decades ago.

3. Other products are falsely sold as “certified organic” but grown with non-organic chemical fertilizers  for years.

The Salinas/Gonzales based “California Liquid Fertilizer” company sold “organic” fertilizer containing ammonium sulfate, but the farms and products using that chemical were NOT De-Certified by California Dept of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), the US Dept of Agriculture or CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). CDFA knew the fertilizer was tainted in 2004 but did not order the product off the market until 2007.

This article is not about finding foods with merely fewer pesticides and chemicals than normal foods, or about improving farming practices, it is about finding food to eat today — which is truly pesticide and chemical free.

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How to Stop a Project Made Easy: CEQA for Citizens

Ordinary people (who are not lawyers or planners) are rarely aware of how the law requires them to object to a project. If you fail to do it correctly, you lose your right to sue to stop the project.

HOPE has just made available the first CEQA Checklist for ordinary people (non-lawyers or planners). It allows you to properly object to an environmentally harmful proposal as California law requires. It takes only seconds to complete and a few more moments to email or fax to the agency in charge.
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PG&E Proposes Insanely Greedy and Vindictive Smartmeter Opt-Out Plan

PG&E reaffirmed their reckless “Corporate Greed Monster” reputation(1) with their Plan to financially gouge people who don’t want ‘Smart’meters.

They outraged smartmeter opponents Today by proposing to charge those who prefer not to have the controversial meters $135 to refuse meter installation and $20 a month for ever. The second “choice” would cost $270 upfront and $14 each month.
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PG Golf Clubhouse Liquor License Transfer Rejected

Wednesday evening March 23 the PG Council agreed to have new Restaurant operators run the PG Golf Clubhouse. The City Manager, Tom Frutchey, had proposed an increase in use (50 more seats, hard liquor sales, off-site food catering and outdoor lighting) but drew the objections of a host of neighbors from the bucolic neighborhood.

This 5-2 approval required a Liquor License transfer – which was at least questionable, and probably illegal.
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SmartER-meters Solve All the “Smart-meter” Problems

If the continually negligent Public Utilities Commission (they are jointly responsible with PG&E for the San Bruno fireball that killed 14 people: 8 known dead and 6 still missing in March 2012) had prepared an Environmental Impact Report for Smartmeters they would have had to legitimately deal with the serious problems that are now front page news, and most importantly — they would have had to examine alternatives.

One alternative could easily eliminate (not just solve) all the problems of radio frequency radiation, privacy violations, and electrical arcs caused by the new high amp Switch.
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Privacy Violation: PG&E’s “Smart”meters Apparently Send Your Data UN-Encrypted !

The job of a Burglar and a Stalker is now easier than ever – thanks to Smartmeters.

I just found a revealing section of PG&E’s Public Relations materials (always of dubious factual accuracy) that indicates that your personal data sent from your so-called “Smart”meter is NOT encrypted or coded.

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Vital Privacy Loss: Can Smartmeters Tell Burglars When You are Away?

We need Smart-ER meters
(c) Copyright 2011 David Dilworth

Would you publish a newspaper ad that lets burglars know when you are going on vacation? Well, that’s essentially what “smart”meters do.



Vital Privacy Lost: Smartmeters Broadcast Your Private Information:

Smartmeters broadcast your utility usage information to everyone within a mile or so of your home. They need a more powerful signal than your WiFi or cordless phone because they have to transmit much farther and must transmit through walls with certainty.

So now burglars don’t even have to drive over to see if you are home – they can just find out if you are away by getting your information from a simple antenna (using free WiFi hacking software). When you are home your power usage increases and fluctuates. When you are away it is low and very stable.
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Should We Revoke PG&E’s California Charter ?

What does “Diablo Canyon’s” Nuclear power plant right near the San Andreas and Hosgri faults — have in common with :

  1. The San Bruno Pipeline explosion that killed at least 8 people,
  2. “Erin Brockovich” finding deadly Chromium 6 groundwater contamination in Hinkley, California (settled in 1996 for $333 million)
  3. the Energy Trading Fraud that cost California $20 Billion (with a “B”) a year from 2000 – 2003; which caused continuing higher prices,
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“Smart”meter Myths

The number of false “facts” about the so-called “smart’meters is growing at an alarming rate. The “fish stories” are primarily spread by PG&E. This article intends to help clarify the factual basis of those topics we feel are most important.

Myth 1: The California Public Utilities Commission (PUC or CPUC) has all legal authority over Smartmeters.

Truth 1: The California Public Utilities Commission does have primary legal authority over Smartmeters; they even have some extraordinary Constitutional authority (which should be removed). However, Cities and Counties also have Constitutional authority to protect our health and safety.

However, no private corporation, such as a Utility corporations like PG&E, has any legal authority to tell a city what to do, other than when the city has agreed to a contract.

There are at least 3 ways cities and counties do have legal authority to restrict, control or halt smartmeters.
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Why Has the Monterey Herald Censored a Major Local Water News Story for 9 Years?

The Herald has a long tradition of censoring important opinion: a long list of letters to the editor, commentaries and Op-Eds.

Censorhip is the Worst

Censorhip is the Worst

That’s bad enough. But I didn’t think it could get worse.
Well, I’ve been reading the Herald for several decades, but until recently, I had never seen them censor a major local news story.
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