HOPE Requests Supervisors Rescind/Void All Regional Desal Contracts and Approvals

HOPE sent this letter to Monterey County Thursday June 30, 2011 —

County Counsel
Monterey County Supervisors
Monterey County Water Resources Agency

Please Rescind/Void All Regional
Water Project Contracts

Hello Supervisors, Water Resources Agency Board and County Counsel,

Considering the improper conflicts of interest and the acts of Steve Collins and others purportedly acting on behalf of our Water Resources Agency while being paid by RMC we are respectfully requesting that you rescind or void all contracts and approvals related to the “Regional Desalination Project.”

Please agendize this immediately, for a Special meeting if necessary, to determine your position and let us know.

Thank you,
David Dilworth for the
Board of Trustees

Click here for the actual letter —

Monterey County Counsel’s office acknowledged receiving the letter.


HOPE sent a similar letter to the Marina Coast Water District also on Thursday June 30, 2011.

This was reported by the Salinas Californian on Saturday July 2 apparently on the front page.

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