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Closed Government: Bunker Mentality Returns to Pacific Grove

Welcome to the Bad ol’ Days of Closed Government with a Bunker Mentality in Pacific Grove. Current Pacific Grove City Manager Tom Frutchey takes every advantage of loopholes in the Open Meeting law (Brown Act) to avoid informing the public … Continue reading

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Water Solution on TV: Right-Sized Desal, HOPE interviews Attorney Alexander Henson – former Water Board Chair

HOPE’s interview about the Right-Sized Water Solution with former Water Board Chair, Attorney Alexander Henson will broadcast on AMP (Channel 24) three times in the next week.

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Disaster: Fort Ord Cleaup – Military Base’s Ongoing and Potentially Permanent Toxic Cleanup Tragedy

Proposed Resolution – Draft V June 2012 Fort Ord’s Ongoing Toxic Cleanup Tragedy Documented Failures of Fort Ord’s Superfund Cleanup and Request for Legislative Hearings and California EPA’s Fort Ord Community Advisory Group (FOCAG) Subtitle: “The Dangerous Costs of … Continue reading

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Commentary: Collins Investigation Should Catch Other Officials

(c) Copyright 2011 Ed Mitchell I believe I was the first to file a Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) sworn complaint against Steve Collins with my May 5, 2011 delivery to the FPPC office in Sacramento, 5 weeks before the … Continue reading

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Why Smartmeters Need an Environmental Impact Report

The public has raised very serious concerns about PG&E Smartmeters’ fire danger, interference with medical life support equipment, non-thermal radio frequency harm to humans and wildlife, and broadcast of private personal energy use. California state law (California’s Environmental Quality Act … Continue reading

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How to Stop a Project Made Easy: CEQA for Citizens

Ordinary people (who are not lawyers or planners) are rarely aware of how the law requires them to object to a project. If you fail to do it correctly, you lose your right to sue to stop the project. HOPE … Continue reading

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Draft: Emergency Smartmeter Moratorium Law for Pacific Grove

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Cal-Am Water Corp trying to pull another Fast one

Is Our Peninsula’s for-profit water corporation, California-American Water Corp. (or Cal-Am), Improperly Trying to Connect another Subdivision? You are invited to the Hearing this Monday the 7th in the Monterey City Hall Conference Chambers. 10 AM Hwy 68 Coalition (the … Continue reading

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