The Herald (Royal Calkins) Censored this Witty Letter

Monterey Herald
May 22, 2011

Dear Editor:

In your Sunday, May 22 Rants & Raves, the Herald’s editorial staff argues that Mark Dierolf and his “tax-hating” pals at Citywatch will “say almost anything to beat a tax measure.” Well, does this line of reasoning include the editors of the Herald ­who are usually on the other side of the aisle?

Since the Herald appears to be a tax-loving newspaper never letting an opportunity pass to support a tax increase–will its editorial staff “say almost anything to win a tax measure?” Do tell.

Lawrence Samuels

Disclaimer: While HOPE has no affiliation with Mr. Samuels, we do work to halt all idea censorship by our local media.

Comment: Just like so many other letters the Herald refuses – there is no objectionable language or offensive ideas; this letter merely makes fun of the Herald’s opinions. But apparently this bit of wit is too much for the Herald’s thin skins.

Censored – by the Monterey Herald: Letters, Commentaries & Op-Eds

Part I: Was the Herald’s Letter-Editor Royal Calkins Caught Censoring & BlackListing, then Lying to Cover it up?

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