SmartER-meters Solve All the “Smart-meter” Problems

If the continually negligent Public Utilities Commission (they are jointly responsible with PG&E for the San Bruno fireball that killed 14 people: 8 known dead and 6 still missing in March 2012) had prepared an Environmental Impact Report for Smartmeters they would have had to legitimately deal with the serious problems that are now front page news, and most importantly — they would have had to examine alternatives.

One alternative could easily eliminate (not just solve) all the problems of radio frequency radiation, privacy violations, and electrical arcs caused by the new high amp Switch.

One alternative that would solve all that is a SmartER-meter. Here’s how it works.

No Radio Transmitter:
This SmartER-meter has no transmitter, only a radio receiver that can be used to update the billing adjustment software. This should occur no more often than once every 6 months. This eliminates the problems of smartmeters interfering with medical devices, communications equipment (cell-phones, WiFi, cordless phones) and the potential harm to humans and animals including Monarch Butterflies.

All your personal energy use data stays in the meter:
There is no need for any utility corporation like PG&E to have or sell your personal “time-of-use” information.

A “SmartER”-meter would internally use your personal power use data and lower your billing charges during state-wide low-use periods (nighttime), and increase billing during high state-wide use periods (summer afternoons). This higher cost provides a dis-incentive to waste energy when our state is near its limit of energy making capacity.

No High Amp Switch
Just like current time-tested meters, A SmartER-meter has no high amperage switch – so it eliminates the danger of fires and shocks caused by a meter.

I call such a device an “Autonomous Transmission-Free Switchless, Privacy Protection Utility Meter” or “SmartER-meter.”

If you like this – tell the PUC, your state legislator and your friends. You can send them the link to this article


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  1. michele says:

    do you have a link to this “SmartER-meter” and where they can be purchased? (no info or link in your article)

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