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HOPE Requests Supervisors Rescind/Void All Regional Desal Contracts and Approvals

HOPE sent this letter to Monterey County Thursday June 30, 2011 — County Counsel Monterey County Supervisors Monterey County Water Resources Agency Please Rescind/Void All Regional Water Project Contracts Hello Supervisors, Water Resources Agency Board and County Counsel, Considering the … Continue reading

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Water Wars (Regional Desal Corruption): Report on Bad Acts by Steve Collins, Jim Heitzman, Curtis Weeks, RMC and Cal-AM

The report to the County Supervisors about Monterey County Water Resources Agency Director Steve Collins’ Conflicts of Financial Interests was released yesterday.It states “. . . the facts we have discovered to date are extremely troubling.” Some of those troubling … Continue reading

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Regional Desal Implode Begins: Yes, We Warned You

In the mad rush to approve the silly and violently expensive “Regional Desalination” plant in Marina – HOPE warned of the Boondoggle in Waiting. We warned the public through articles, public presentations at City Council meetings and even a special … Continue reading

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Privacy Violation: PG&E’s “Smart”meters Apparently Send Your Data UN-Encrypted !

The job of a Burglar and a Stalker is now easier than ever – thanks to Smartmeters. I just found a revealing section of PG&E’s Public Relations materials (always of dubious factual accuracy) that indicates that your personal data sent … Continue reading

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Should We Revoke PG&E’s California Charter ?

What does “Diablo Canyon’s” Nuclear power plant right near the San Andreas and Hosgri faults — have in common with : The San Bruno Pipeline explosion that killed at least 8 people, “Erin Brockovich” finding deadly Chromium 6 groundwater contamination … Continue reading

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