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Police Force Smartmeters on Private Property

This is a press release Subject: Press Release – Police Escorted Utility (SCE) Forced Smart Meters on Private Residences (Thursday, 15 Dec 2011) Police and Electric Utility Force SmartMeters on Residences in Violation of Federal Law, U.S. and California Constitution … Continue reading

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How to Stop Smartmeter Installation at your home (877) 743-7378

PG$E has a phone number (877) 743-7378 that will stop installation of a Smartmeter at your home for about 18 months – until the PUC or the Legislature acts. Tell them you do not want a Smartmeter installed period.

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Fire Danger: Unknown-Safety of SmartMeters’ New Disconnect Switch

Unknown Safety of New On-Off Switch in Smart Meters: CPUC Meter Safety Testing Confirmation Needed. (c) Copyright 2011 Lance HoustonIntroduction There are numerous safety concerns with the new smart meters being installed by PG&E throughout parts of California. The new … Continue reading

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Success: PUC “Orders” PG&E To Prepare Plan to Stop Installing Smartmeters for Californians Who Reject Them

The San Jose Mercury news reports that the California PUC has ordered PG&E to provide a way to “Opt-out” of Smartmeters for those who don’t want them.

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