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Why Smartmeters Need an Environmental Impact Report

The public has raised very serious concerns about PG&E Smartmeters’ fire danger, interference with medical life support equipment, non-thermal radio frequency harm to humans and wildlife, and broadcast of private personal energy use. California state law (California’s Environmental Quality Act … Continue reading

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What We Need in a State Smartmeter Law

A Smartmeter law needs at the minimum — 1. Halt to wireless communication (transmission) from home meters. This solves wireless threats to health and interference with medical devices and other wireless devices. Optical cable (vs wireless radio transmission) can solve … Continue reading

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New Pebble Beach Forest Destruction Project Already Going Wrong

The new Pebble Beach Project is already going in a bad direction. 1. The County is preparing to hire the same company (Jones and Stokes) that wrote the horrible, politically biased and legally faulty environmental harm analysis (the EIR) for … Continue reading

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