Smartmeter Poem: “The Devil” by Ellen Cecil

The Devil

Smart Meter Satire (c) Copyright 2011 Ellen Cecil
Adapted from an original Poem by Anonymous

Men don’t believe in a devil now as their fathers used to do.
Yet they’ve opened the door to Smart Meter Hell to let “His Majesty” through.

There isn’t a print of his cloven hoof or a poison-dipped dart from his bow
To be found in the grave or anywhere for the PUC’s voted it so.

But who is mixing the microwave brew that kills both heart and brain,
And who is invading Pacific Grove to leave thousands sick and in pain?

Who blasts the Grove of the Butterfly with the fiery pulses of Hell?
If the devil isn’t or never was—won’t somebody please rise and tell?

Who dogs the steps of our trusting souls with apocalyptic heat?
Who forces appliances to spy on us and the 4th Amendment’s defeat?

Could it be the devil’s a “Techno-God” and he’s left us with more than one clue?
And who is doing the infernal work El Diabolo’s supposed to do?

The devil doesn’t care if our Pacemakers fail or a headache or cancer won’t go.
Please show us the pit where fraud and greed ooze—we really want to know!

Hinkley, San Bruno, Smart Meters and more—surely the devil’s no con.
Yet all freedom lovers deserve the truth: Who carries his business on?

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