PG Golf Clubhouse Liquor License Transfer Rejected

Wednesday evening March 23 the PG Council agreed to have new Restaurant operators run the PG Golf Clubhouse. The City Manager, Tom Frutchey, had proposed an increase in use (50 more seats, hard liquor sales, off-site food catering and outdoor lighting) but drew the objections of a host of neighbors from the bucolic neighborhood.

This 5-2 approval required a Liquor License transfer – which was at least questionable, and probably illegal.

The Council removed the increases in use as a condition of the approval.

Today, Thursday March 24 the State Liquor License Board (ABC) apparently denied the Liquor License transfer because state law prohibits a private party from selling a Liquor License.

The reason we know this is the folks who were supposed to get the Liquor License – AQUA TERRA Culinary – were told to apply for a new License by ABC (the State Liquor License Board).

This apparently invalidates the lease the city approved invalid because it requires the new operators to have a liquor license.

Update: Apparently AQUA TERRA was given a temporary license for Beer and Wine by the State Liquor License Board on Friday.


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