PG City Manager Offers Amazing One-sided Access to Highly Politicized Anti-Tree Group

Last evening, March 9, 2011 during public comment of the highly controversial city effort to eviscerate the city’s tree protection law, the Pacific Grove City Manager, Tom Frutchey, told members of the Anti-Tree Group that when he interviewed outside consultants for the CEQA review to remove tree protection – he would invite them to the interviews ! Frutchey said this in front of the City Council at a public meeting while being video taped !

This means that, while hiring someone for a highly controversial job, the City Manager offers seats at the hiring table to one-side of the controversy.


Hiring interviews for public jobs or contracts are supposed to be confidential.

Not only is it not confidential, the City Manager has invited one-side of a highly politicized issue to help decide who to hire to prepare an environmental analysis. Is the other side invited, how about the media?

How about hiring on the basis of competence?
as opposed to hiring based on the consultant’s ability to bias an Environmental analysis.

That analysis is supposed to be “objective.” Not any more.

That is unprecedented and unethical. And Frutchey apparently has not the slightest idea that it is wrong.

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