Its “Our” Environment – Not “The” Environment

Copyright 2011 David Dilworth

You can tell a lot about someone by the words they select to use.

For example, how do you describe ecosystems that you depend on for life; ecosystems that grow your food; ecosystems that provide you with air and water – without which you would die quickly ?

Do you say “The environment” as though you are apart from these ecosystems, or do you say “Our environment” – realizing you are a part of it – before you consume air, water and food and they become a part of you.

Every food you eat was alive. Everything.

(OK, except for salt).

Every food you eat required plants and soils.

Everything you eat that came from an animal, got to be an animal by eating plants, or something that ate plants.

Every plant needed soils. (OK, except your hydroponic tomatoes, which might be pesticide-free.)

Now does “Our Environment” make sense?

I’d wish you a happy earth day – but if you already understand and say “our environment” – you already know that every day had better be earth day – if we are to protect all those vital life systems that were given to us – for free.

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