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PG&E Proposes Insanely Greedy and Vindictive Smartmeter Opt-Out Plan

PG&E reaffirmed their reckless “Corporate Greed Monster” reputation(1) with their Plan to financially gouge people who don’t want ‘Smart’meters. They outraged smartmeter opponents Today by proposing to charge those who prefer not to have the controversial meters $135 to refuse … Continue reading

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SmartER-meters Solve All the “Smart-meter” Problems

If the continually negligent Public Utilities Commission (they are jointly responsible with PG&E for the San Bruno fireball that killed 14 people: 8 known dead and 6 still missing in March 2012) had prepared an Environmental Impact Report for Smartmeters … Continue reading

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Should We Revoke PG&E’s California Charter ?

What does “Diablo Canyon’s” Nuclear power plant right near the San Andreas and Hosgri faults — have in common with : The San Bruno Pipeline explosion that killed at least 8 people, “Erin Brockovich” finding deadly Chromium 6 groundwater contamination … Continue reading

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Air Conditioners Cause California’s Electric Supply Emergency

Air Conditioners are Primary Cause of California’s Electrical Supply Emergency. During peak power use air conditioners in Los Angeles and California’s Central Valley use 40 percent of our state’s electricity. In sharp contrast, in California’s coastal communities like our Monterey … Continue reading

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