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Win: Nerve Gas Methyl Iodide – Yanked from US Market by Manufacturer

Tokyo based Pesticide manufacturer Arysta pulled their Methyl-Iodide nerve gas called “Midas” from the US Market. While nerve gas is illegal to use in warfare, the US-EPA and California’s EPA (Department of Pesticide Regulation) both approved it. The fundamental corruption … Continue reading

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Disaster: Fort Ord Cleaup – Military Base’s Ongoing and Potentially Permanent Toxic Cleanup Tragedy

Proposed Resolution – Draft V June 2012 Fort Ord’s Ongoing Toxic Cleanup Tragedy Documented Failures of Fort Ord’s Superfund Cleanup and Request for Legislative Hearings and California EPA’s Fort Ord Community Advisory Group (FOCAG) Subtitle: “The Dangerous Costs of … Continue reading

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Monterey Peninsula Faces Water Poisoning Threat From Anti-Science Fluoridation Activists

(c) Copyright 2001-2011 David Dilworth (Update August 12, 2011) According to Cal-Am’s Chemistry lab, as of August 2011 they do not yet add any Fluoride to Monterey Peninsula water. However, naturally occurring fluoride is in our water at about 0.3 … Continue reading

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How Can I Find Genuine Pesticide-Free Food?

(c) Copyright 2001-2013 David DilworthPesticides are explicitly intended, designed, manufactured, and applied as deadly killing poisons. Pesticides have been intentionally applied abundantly to most food we consume in the United States since the late 1940s when man-made chemical pesticides were … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with “Smart”meters?

What’s all the fuss about PG&E’s “Smart”meters for our electricity and gas? Aren’t they supposed to show us our power usage “live” so we can cut back on excessive power use and save money? That was the idea – before … Continue reading

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