Did Carmel Pine Cone’s Paul Miller have a Stroke?

The Carmel Pine Cone is the last paper I expected to break the media silence and publish information about the “Right-Sized” Desal Solution by our Water Management District.

Bu there it is buried in a June 10 letter to the editor by this year’s Water Management District’s Chairman Bob Brower mentioning the agency’s top water supply projects

“2. A new smaller desal project… [that would provide] 2,000 acre feet annually.”

EIR - Genuine Water Solution

EIR - Genuine Water Solution

Of course that’s the extremely conservative version of the Water Management District’s “Right-Sized” desal Solution; at a reasonable cost it can upsized to ~6,000 acre feet – solving our water supply problem (along with the other projects mentioned in the letter – the ~2,000 acre foot injection recovery at Fort Ord).

Miller seems to endorse this and other Water District projects in his editorial !

Not kidding.

Which makes me wonder — did the Carmel Pine Cone’s Paul Miller have a Stroke?

How else can you explain Miller breaking the media log-jam and allowing his newspaper to mention the project that all major local media have avoided for 9 years. (The same project for which the Herald maintains an official news Blackout.)

The project HOPE has been essentially single-handedly educating the public about – since 2003 (smaller, lower water rates, cheaper to build, faster to build, not run by the Marina Coast “Keystone Cops” – instead controlled by Peninsula voters etc.).

If The Pine Cone had been on board back then perhaps we could have been drinking water out of that solution in 2007 – 4 years ago.

The “Right-Sized” Desal Solution by our Water Management District already has an Administrative Draft EIR and hydrogeological studies. (The PUC approved Regional Desal has no such studies.)

Now that the outrageously expensive and already mismanaged Regional Desal is Imploding, if Miller and Brower want run with the “Right-Sized” solution even take credit for this project – lets let them ;-) because they are helping now.

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