Helping Our Peninsula's Environment
Fred Keeley, Former Assemblyman
(The disgraced former Assemblyman is working at Pacific Conservation League in Sacramento - where the Endangered Species Act Loophole was written.)
Doing (Very) Good
Doing Bad
Authored Hatton Canyon Park Purchase Bill effectively killing Hatton Canyon Freeway forever. Voted For, Made The Motion To Approve, And Was Assembly Floor Manager For The World's First "No-Surprises" Law (SB-107 In August 2001) Increasing The Peril To All California Endangered Animals And Plants By Providing A Serious Loophole In The Endangered Species Act. 

In Effect As Of January 1, 2003 The Law Eliminates Protection For Species That Continue To Decrease In Population.


Authored Bill which allowed voters to approve a 1.2 Billion dollar Park bond of which $32 million was used to buy the Fish Ranch (Palo Corona) Authored Bill to Force Analysis of Carmel River Dam Alternatives ("Plan B"). Outrageously, the $1.2 million dollars was mostly wasted by the PUC and came up with a water plan that Peninsula Residents Can't vote on!
Opposed the Carmel River Dam Gave Pacific Grove Mayor and Sandra "Eco-fraud" Koffmanthe largest donation disclosed in her 2000 campaign for Mayor. ($250)
Authored Forest Protection Bill to help slow North Coast logging. Invited Pacific Grove Mayor and Sandra "Eco-fraud" Koffmanto his 2002 environmental breakfast.
Author of Marine Life Protection Bill (AB 993) - significant improvement to protecting Calif. Marine Life. Negotiated a deal for a new Watsonville High School, which blatantly violated the Coastal Act's protection of Wetlands.
Led California out of the Energy cost "Crisis" in 2001. Authored a 28 billion dollar bailout for the Energy Industry in 1997 (?)
Chaired Bipartisan committee which caused corrupt State Insurance Commissioner to resign. Gave $1,000 to Simon Salinas - fierce development supporter.
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