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Example "I Object" Letters

Dear Monterey County Supervisors,

I am sorry, but I am forced to object to General Plan, and the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the proposed General Plan.

Please put me on the "Interested Parties" list so I get all notices of availability of documents, meetings, and hearings.

With all due respect,

Oliver Ordinary

Dear Pacific Grove Council,

I am sorry, but I must object to the approval of the 4-story building at 551 Gibson, the loss of the trees, and its inadequate analysis and disclosure of the proposed project's environmental impacts.

With all due respect,

Oliver Ordinary



Although not technically necessary, it is usually best to address comments to the highest elected officials in the agency (City Council etc). Most federal and state agencies do not have elected officials so send a copy to the President or Governor.


To give your lawyers the most help you should object to two things - the project itself and the environmental review (required by CEQA)

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