New Pebble Beach Project Begins

The new Pebble Beach Company project will be unveiled at a public meeting on April 28, 2011 at the Pebble Beach Community Services District office. (Yes, the gate guards will let you in free to attend the meeting. But if they don’t, hand the bill to PBC officials who will be attending.)

You can learn what PBC has in mind and you can raise your concerns about it.

Here’s some to start with:

Water, Forest Loss, harm to Endangered Species and their habitats, Traffic Gridlock increase, and Aesthetic harm.

Any new building project on our Peninsula has water problems – because we don’t have any water.

This project will also do serious harm to an imperiled forest – the native Monterey pine forest and its inhabitants.

Aesthetics: The entire project is a sensual and intellectual insult. We suffer traffic gridlock, no water and PBC is trying to build on land that is an endangered species hotspot.

The visual delight of native forests will be replaces with concrete and building materials. The silence of a native forest would be hammered with the noise of construction vehicles and heavy equipment for years if not decades.

The number of “Lots of Record” is highly disputed. PBC claims over 80, while HOPE has never seen evidence of any more than 43 lots.

The “good” news is PBC has sort-of given up on building another Golf Course. However, in exchange, they are still firmly hanging on to the ability to sue our Coastal Commission over their 2007 rejection of the last PBC project.

More info :
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